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Elevator Fart


Instrutions: Hold down the mouse button to fart, but don't get caught! Move your mouse left and right to control the pressure.


Played:22766 times


20 reviews for Elevator Fart

Review by Abigail M

This game, is, the most, STUPIDEST game EVER!!!!!!! Whoever made this game, is the most RETARDED person and...........they...they...they are idiots i agree with you ladybird1211

Review by ladybird1211

I hate this game

Review by mamasboy0610

omg i got 92675 as a score yay :)

Review by bieberfan

I beat your score 169480

Review by bieberfan

I beat your score 169480

Review by colonel naruto424

i agree with Abigail M this is stupidest game

Review by !?!?!?!?!?!?!?

BTW Abigial M just cause u dont like it, it dosent mea other people do so if the person that made this game up and read ur comment how do u think they would feal right know!!?!?!?! hummmm well just chill and from now on keep ur comments to yourself

Review by YeaBaBy92

97575 beat that baby!!!!!!!!!!

Review by brittany

OMG this is the most stupidest stupid game i have ever played in my most miserable life who would ever invent a game so stupid life this one a retard person would have better since then even invent a game like this i mean someone stupid would make this type of game i mean think about it for a min. think before your actions.

Review by ross

205090 beat that suckas!!!!

Review by meghan

i love that game hahahha so funny

Review by ????

this game is funny

Review by ima bite ur head off

184510 ha ha

Review by Tapout322

who made this

Review by Tapout322

This game makes no sence

Review by alexis!!!

for whoever is sayin this game is weird think bout the person who mad it dang.....it is funny

Review by MDRLink4252

this game is so retarded but kinda wierd

Review by d love

dis game iz dead nasty

Review by TONY B

It game is so F***in stupid

Review by Checkergirl56

This game suck

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